I have a passion for home design. I especially love coastal chic, cottage style, plantation style, and shabby beach looks, and have always been fond of the shabby chic style promoted by Rachel Ashwell. I am certified in home staging and redesign and freelance as a home stager/designer from time to time, when I have spare time away from my “real” job as an editor/writer.

Sea glass accents and sunlightMy favorite pastimes are reading, writing, and decorating–or combining the three (hence, this blog). On any given weekend you’ll most likely find me cruising the neighborhood antique shops, popping into a few open houses (just to check them out), or refurbishing an old piece of furniture by sanding it and slapping some paint on it for a fresh look. Otherwise, I’m walking along the local cliff trails that overlook the beach, inhaling the scents of ocean air and wild sage. I’m not a beach girl in the suntanning and surfing sense, but I definitely feel recharged when I can be outdoors by the seaside, and sage.

I started this blog as a way to share my love of home design, and also as a way to offer helpful tips and inspiration to others who share this passion…or who are looking for ideas to beautify their home. My philosophy is, if you can make the home you inhabit a serene and esthetically pleasing space that you love to be in, then life is that much better!

Home design and decorating are a form of creativity and self-expression. Enjoy the journey!



Please feel free to add your comments, decorating tips, and ideas…

— Christa, Seaside & Sage


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